Rack and Pinion and Spiral Bevel Gear Pinion


Product name
Custom Brass Bronze Metal Pinion Gear
1)Metal: Stainless steel, Steel(Iron,)Brass, Copper,Aluminum
2)Plastic: POM, Nylon, ABS, PP
3)OEM according to your request
ISO9001:2015, CE, UL, FCC, ROHS
PP bag, Carton, box, or according to customer’s requirements
3 pcs
Root circle

Q & A

1. Q Do you operate trading your own company or manufacturing?
A: We’re a factory. We are specialized in micro DC motors and DC gear motors over the last 14 years.2. Q What is the term for payment in the case of a first-time customer?
A: We are able to make the Ali Assurance Order Online for our brand new customers, and they are able to be paid online using MasterCard Card, Visa, etc. The customer
You can also pay with PayPal or TT.3. Q I’m unable to find the right motor on your site. could you make the motor custom to my specifications?
A: Yes, we can make a suitable motor to the specifications of our customers.

4. Q Do you have any certificates for the vehicles?
A: Yes, we are certified by CE, FCC, ISO, and ISO. If you are in possession of other certifications We can also apply it on your behalf.

5. Q What is the Quality Control of your company?
A: The answer is that we have a professional inspecting staff for each production line. When we have finished the entire motor, we’ve got the complete
Quality equipment that tests the motor. For example, Hardness Tester, 2.5D Image Tester, Salt Spray Chamber, Life Tester, Temperature Test
Machine, Noise tester, etc.