OEM Milled Spiral Bevel Gears for Concrete Machinery



Q: Is the company you work for an investment company or a manufacturer? 
A: We own our own manufacturing facility.

Q: What is the length of time will the lead time last? 
When the items are available generally, it will take 2 days. If the item is not available, it can take 5-10 days, based on the amount.

Q: Do I purchase shaft bore couplings not available in the catalog? )(Additional manufacturing process for coupling shaft holes)
A: Of course. Additionally, the recommended tolerance of the dimensional shaft size is H7.

Q: What is superior between the single diaphragm and double diaphragm type diaphragm connection? 

A: Although the single diaphragm model has a shorter overall length however, it’s only appropriate for situations with a narrow space because of the fact that eccentricity isn’t allowed in the design, and particular attention must be paid to the centering of the structure when using.

Q: What is the best way do I alter diaphragm-coupling if an unusual vibration or sound occurs when it is in the course of use? 
A: When using servo motors they are controlled by it is possible to set the resonance of the filter to its normal vibration frequency within the control system to block out sound and vibration. If using stepper motors, vibrations can be absorbed and slowed down by fine-tuning the speed or using an extremely damping rubber coupling with a significant attenuation effect.